Kevin Meißner

A little more less



ambient, piano only, neoclassical pop, orchestral



29 February 2024




1 Avantgarden, 2 The New Light, 3 Ashen, 4 Reconciliation, 5 Rifting / Aging, 6 Edelweiß, 7 Wave Poem, 8 Summits, 9 As Soon As Life Continues

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  a  view  behind  the  scenes


A Little More Less is the second studio album by neoclassical composer and multi-instrumentalist Kevin Meißner and consists of nine tracks in total. Similar to its predecessor Notebook Songs, released in 2021, it can convince with a melancholic felt piano sound.

From the modern sound in the form of syntheziser sounds and fast drumming is little left in A Little More Less. Instead, the individual works convince with their warm minimalist melodies, as well as orchestral violins.

The Visual Album Trailer, which was uploaded to the artist’s YouTube channel in September 2022, gives an early insight into the message behind the musical project. A Little More Less addresses human consumer excess and the return to nature and becoming self-aware.

The plan was to release the album in 2023. There is no information as to why the album has now been released later. Also the song „Overwinter“ was featured on the second studio album, but was removed shortly before the release to be published later as a single.


„We want more and more. In less and less time. Our consumer behavior is increasingly demanding natural resources worldwide and we usually don’t realize that the things we own don’t make us happier people. On the contrary – Our feelings of happiness are dulled a little everytime with everything we buy. We devote our precious energy to the goods that we do not actually need and don’t want to realize that we make ourselves feel guilty if we don’t use these commodities.

Perhaps renunciation and deceleration offer a solution to this inner chaos? Many try yoga, others even seek tranquility in cigarettes.

For me the best way was to channel my energy into music, so my second album A LITTLE MORE LESS was composed by me and produced in my home studio.“